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"In most people's eyes, is located in the perineum woman labia majora just two optional skin folds, where there is any effect at all? In fact, the external female genitalia labia majora is an indispensable part. in the early embryo, male and female genitals from the same germ. with the development of embryos, and gradually divided into male and female genitalia appears gender differences. but both some structure, function still has a very similar place. female clitoris is quite the male penis, it can be said narrowing of the penis, both have a rich nerve endings, stimulation of the opposite sex have performed extremely sensitive, while the female labia majora is equivalent to the male scrotum. male scrotum testicular faithful guardian of the testes produce sperm and the male hormone plays an important role. so, women's labia majora what effect it? guards urinary and reproductive system. labia majora covered the labia minora, vaginal and urethral orifice, do not let outside invasion of harmful substances, faithfully defending the safety of the urinary and reproductive system. labia majora deep on both sides of the vaginal opening are buried Bartholin (equivalent to the male urethral gland). Bartholin steady flow of mucus to clean and smooth vagina, maintain the ecological balance of the vagina, while the labia majora is Bartholin's most loyal defenders. in this sense, the labia majora only protects the pelvic organs, but also to maintain. special smell the birthplace of the body's health. Research shows that women's armpit will emit a distinctive odor. this odor can attract and induce the opposite sex, the opposite sex to stimulate sexual arousal, whereas in the labia majora, but also with the same special armpit sweat glands, distribution of the same smell. of course, this particular smell induction varies, both the quantity and quality differences are also related to the sensitivity of the opposite sex. some men are very sensitive to this smell, great explosive trend, while others it may be indifferent, if nothing had happened. the catalyst marital relations. widespread labia majora fat sponge ball under the vestibule, which enables the labia majora as the ball muster. when intercourse sexes when the labia majora congestion, expansion, became the piston sports spring mat, can play the role of the penis pushed into the vagina. in addition, the expansion of the labia majora, as well as relying on transmission and grip the penis caressing effect in the sexual life, if the palm of your hand on the inside of the labia majora, the there is a sense of grip, so that the labia majora to improve the quality of sex life, close relationship between husband and wife, have a negligible effect. Thus, women's scrotum scrotum role broader than men, is more important. people should not put the labia majora seen as a marker, and should not despise it, but should be careful care of it, protect it, do not let it suffer from viruses, bacteria and various microbial invasion, it behaved to protect women's health. "

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