Entertainment, the Smoke of Societal Inequality and Injustice

Entertainment, which seems as benign as a sheep, is an evil crime that robs people of the justice and equality they deserve. Although equally innocent and beautiful as a child, he put the oppressed masses into a false sense of security; convenience; and welfare. Entertainment, quite often, is an emollient that soothes burning and painful wounds in the human soul; snatched the masses of the people into believing that everything was fine. And more often than not; it hinders critical and constructive thinking that is very important to produce long needed changes. The mass of the people, complacent in the sleep of false entertainment, was condemned to the barracks of poverty and security. Dancing on the path that the merciless billionaires in the world have painted for them; brainwashed people, big mouthed people bow their tents in the shadow of sadness and harm. Their world; full of deception, making beliefs, and lies; is a strange and gaping prison that houses poor and unjust lambs whose minds are carbon copies of the wishes of the rich. Entertainment is the “Haves” brainwashing tool of choice; it affects people to accept less than they deserve and leave an unfair society unchanged. Entertainment is the fruit of a society where the masses believe that it works; when in fact, it is a society where radical improvements have long been delayed. The endless stream of fake entertainment flows like urban commuter trains: Their arrival times are so predictable; all he had to do was stand there and wait for a few minutes to pass, and the others immediately followed behind him. Likewise the flow of endless lies flowing through the barren cave of human society: They came one after another – the Lakers Championship Games, The Angels and He Red Socks Match-up, Meriwether-Chavez Championship Fight, Harry’s new Potter Film, London 2012 Olympics, New Orleans Mardi Gras Celebration, Beyonce Concert at the Los Angeles Sports Arena, Dunedin Winter Carnival, and so on; sinking masses of public misinformation into a cruel and shameful disturbance. When it wasn’t Super Bowl Foot Ball Extravaganza, it was Hornets and the Rockets; and when it wasn’t, it was a film that Brad Pitt or Michael Jackson’s murder court had to see. These empty and futile disturbances make blind people unable to see what’s really happening around them; and one day, they wake up living on the streets and cannot feed themselves or their families. What a sad and sad misery that has been criticized by the masses.

While entertainment; in and of itself, intrinsically harmless to healthy and balanced humans; the type of entertainment produced in this world is inherently wrong because it contains the deadly seeds of human destruction. For the most part, most entertainment programs produced by power brokers and community social engineers are cunning tales that are arranged secretly. These pleasant stories are thought very well and cleverly and are arranged to keep the masses of people satisfied with many unsatisfactory things. These tales are a beautiful world where community robbers take other cruel and disgusted creatures. For example, someone might reason, “Hey, things aren’t good with me not, but, at least, I can go and see Tom Cruise movies, work on the Wall Street Stock Market, or go to Las Vegas for a week Things what will come for me, I can always go back to school, even though the cost of education has skyrocketed over the past twenty years. “Secular tales of entertainment prevent people from understanding the broad picture of rich people who enslave and rule over the poor in American society and are willing and able to do something about it. The main reality is: The tale of false entertainment in American society is a lie, but it is one that is hidden in a haystack. The mass of the people must first be shown that they are all blind, internalize the seemingly perverse facts, and begin to look for an eye expert to improve things for them. Once they realize that they are blind and take appropriate action, they then have to start digging their own gold mine to determine what their natural intelligence is. This and only this will put them on the path of true success. Only then will the poisonous influence of false entertainment begin to become real and be destroyed forever.

In light of this serious and calm comment; secular entertainment in America – and almost anywhere in the world – is evil and destructive. It blinds the masses of the people to the truth about what is truly wrong with the world itself. Apparently, that doesn’t mean American business machines are inherently evil or corrupt anymore than anywhere else in the world; it’s just that the world is connected to create inequality, injustice, and imbalance – and false entertainment blinds people to the truth about what is truly wrong with the world itself. The rough and sour picture of the whole analysis is that something is wrong with the world, and “Haves” are paid with a very high amount of money to shift hands and cover them. The few billionaires who run the world use various forms of entertainment disturbances to cover gaping wounds and epicastic bruises that the mass masses carry day after day. Isn’t it interesting that politicians after the politicians step on the public stage and almost never mumble about the increasingly widening gap between “Haves” and “Have-Nots.” They may ignore it in passing, but they will never make it the main platform of their campaign. Why? That’s because they belong to the inner circle of secrets that the whole world is a lie – a carefully told lie that will make movie fans think that you are crazy if you ever mentioned it to them. Slippery politicians already know that the world is a lie and that they cannot change it: They may mess with it, but they know that they cannot change it; but the fans of the film-sassy community did not know the information. They live in the shadow of lies and they die there too. There is nothing soothing and soothing as a good film or a Super Bowl game; but you see: The billionaires who put up these complex and complicated disturbances knew exactly what to cook for their minions and slaves. This is rather interesting when sports stars are paid millions of dollars per year; and teachers, a small salary that can barely feed them and their families. And, paradoxically, there seems to be nothing wrong with that: Their eyes are not made to see those things; or maybe, they don’t even control their own vision! Their eyes are only meant to see the new Harry Potter films or the Meliwether-Chaves Championship fight! But why do sports stars pay so much money? That is because lies in the world must create parodies that ensure maximum human suffering: And those who create the parody of justice are paid fat, handsome salaries are given to them from someone behind the door to ancient mysteries.

The world is filled with mysteries – and some things only damage the mind. A regional basketball team won the National Basketball Championship and their fiery fans tore apart the city, removed the mailbox and threw it into the streets. Does this, at least, tell us that there is more exercise than we see with our naked eyes and what we really know? Do any of these tell us that there are more things we see and want to believe? But again; people, lost in the smoke of fake social entertainment made by billionaires; refused to open their own eyes and see for themselves what really happened in this massive extravaganza entertainment. Football players are paid millions of dollars to destroy their own bones, break their skulls, and damage their brains before millions of fans scream whose eyes stare at the wrong thing. They gawk at the iron wheel that crashes into the frame of a bad and fragile human from a bad experience. What they did not see was a man milled in evil work. Years later, many soccer players became vegetables; and. quite often, all of these begin to take their victims well before they are fifty years old. Oh, how sad; Strapping, big athletic giants turned into zombies and vegetables, sacrificed to the idols of false gods. And when they open their own eyes; it’s too late, and the damage can’t be changed. In this case, it’s quite clear that something or someone else out there is thinking of a Super Bowl fan, for Americans, for English people, for French people and for people all over the world in this matter. All these episodes and mysterious events repeatedly say the same thing: Deaf and blind people cannot hear or see! How sad is the situation in which the masses find themselves; Lost in spinning smoke from ruthless jokes of rich people and funny games! Something is wrong with the world, but rich people close it day after day. The social diversion that is wrong disrupts people’s ability to connect points in their world; and, because such entertainment is the work of rich people, they only cook things that protect their own interests and well-being.

The slippery and dangerous lie, the empty entertainment of the school full of the tricks of life that are aware of the earth ensnaring humans by thinking that the false system, with which it is confronted here in this world, is the only system that exists – and the only one who will there is. Feed for such thoughts comes from anything that interferes with normal human thought processes and the right actions. Such fodder is derived from wrong social entertainment: And such entertainment and the type of reasoning behind it are lies. They are lying because the world itself is woven from the fabric of lies; but the ability of the masses to understand this truth is blocked. The world is a carefully told lie that binds people to a place where they cannot see or hear, and one that they do not have; but again, the truth is blocked too. And the fact that mundane is a strange funeral is also blocked: Even power brokers and social architects themselves fail to assimilate the idea of ​​a clear shelf life from their own existence on earth; thus, they eventually deceive themselves even when they brainwash and deceive all society. At a time when most of the masses were aware of the truth that they were all born rich with extraordinary natural intelligence (skills, gifts and talents), and that there was a precious life for those who were born to be enjoyed on this earth; they have long been removed from the arena of false worldly life and fighting. Fake social entertainment is not only a program for people to accept false destiny; it directs society around a narrow, narrow, and earth-bound eternity that never materializes! The idea of ​​life as a fully worldly phenomenon is well received and understood by the masses of society – and it is only about everything that is told to them. Worldly life is all that exists in human existence – and oh, how reliable it is that lies appear; but only a glimpse into the architecture of the earth itself whispers to every observer who is honest and well-meaning that there is an intelligent mind about order behind the cosmic landscape of the earth and the vast and vast universe; and that, at some point in the future, a quiet day will come to complete all values, so to speak! Most people in the world feel that something is more important than what the rich people say to them through various socialization institutions and, in particular, through the evolution of modern science and the big bang theory. If the view of the province, that worldly life is only about everything that exists, is true; it was rather funny when the evening news after the evening sounded like an old Bible prophecy, far from the content of what modern science and the media had affirmed as reality.

In short, secular entertainment is wrong, not because entertainment itself is inherently wrong; but because the world is wrong and whatever it produces is tinged with fake fake stains. The failure of secular entertainment distracts people from seeing what’s wrong with them and the world around them. The masses of people, based on intoxication with false entertainment, are told lies that never allow them to realize and utilize gold mines from natural intelligence (gifts, talents, and skills) with which they are born. Clever vulgar brainwashing machine from false socialization; fake science, cheats; and empty and fake entertainment depriving the masses of the earth of their irrevocable rights. Yes, it strips ordinary people of their unlimited rights to wealth, justice, freedom, life, and pursuit of happiness in this world and life forever the next day at the other end of the approaching night. Social entertainment is the sword of destroying two-edged humans: It persuades the masses of society to accept the many simplicities of their rich slave masters. This also hinders their view of a broader understanding of equality and human justice in the transcendental world which operates in a higher realm of existence, free from greed and deception. So, false secular entertainment is the smoke of human ignorance that obscures the minds of the masses and distracts them from realizing their full potential and true purpose in this world; and finally, a richer and more complete life in the world that operates, and leads, a bigger and wider scheme.