Holiday Party Entertainment – How to Use Entertainment to Make Your Party a Smashing Success!

If you are planning a holiday party this year, some types of entertainment can be a great addition as part of the celebration. Even more than location, decoration, and other elements, the right entertainment can set the tone for your event and give your guests a unique, impressive and truly enjoyable experience that they can carry over the next few days. Appropriate entertainment can add atmosphere and class, humor and pleasure, or inspiration and encouragement to tone your program.

What Type of Entertainment?

The most important question is, what needs do you want to be filled with entertainment? Will this be the main program at night, one of several highlights, or is it just another background?

If entertainment will be the main event at night, you might want to have some kind of player features such as various kinds of actions; a magician, comedian, magician, singer, performance band, etc., and you might want entertainment to take place somewhere between thirty minutes to an hour or more.

If entertainment is only one part of a longer program or of some excellent activity, the same type of player may still be appropriate, but you may want the duration of the show to be shorter, somewhere between twelve and twenty-five minutes.

And if entertainment is just a party background, you might want some sort of ongoing low key entertainment, such as dance music, walking with close-range magic, walking around musicians, or small orchestras, depending on your budget.

And of course depending on the schedule and time period, you can decide to use a combination of more than one of the choices above.

Whatever the case, make sure you are clear about the specific needs that you expect to be filled with entertainment, and just choose the right one.

Finding the Right Comforter …

After you determine the specific needs of your event, it will help you choose the right type of entertainment. You want to find entertainers who can tell you specifically what benefits they can offer for your event, and how these benefits meet your unique needs. If an entertainer cannot communicate clearly and directly how he can meet those needs, they may not have your needs at all. Make sure you are really clear about the specifics of what the entertainer will provide, and that is explained in a written agreement.

You can find various entertainers on yellow pages or on the Internet. Don’t assume that the person with the biggest ad will be the best. Like other service professionals, make sure they have good experience and references. Every quality entertainer must be able to provide you with a credit background, testimonials, and a reference letter from a previous client.

And don’t make the mistake of letting prices be the only determining factor. It is important that entertainment not only provides a pleasant and pleasant life experience, but also that no of your guests are delayed or offended in any way. If your audience is conservative, or a family group, make sure that the entertainment material is right. Comedians and other players who are accustomed to working in adult nightclubs can sometimes have very different ideas about what is “clean” than what you might have. So, make sure you are clear and specific about your needs.

Some Important Tips

Whoever you employ, you want to make sure you get the best value for the money you spend on entertainment. Here are some useful tips to help you determine whether an entertainer can come for you to give your guests the best experience.

Be sure to ask these important questions …

“Are you a professional entertainer TIME?” Although there are exceptions, in many cases if an entertainer does not have full time, that may mean he is not experienced enough, does not have good enough performances, or is not professional enough and is reliable enough to support a full-time career.
“Can you provide references from previous clients?” As I mentioned, every player who deserves salt must be happy to give you letters and testimonials from satisfied and happy customers. If he can’t, you might want to proceed carefully!
“Do you offer a money back guarantee?” If an entertainer does not guarantee his job, there might be a reason he is not ready to do it! Even paying a much lower price is still a waste of money if your guest is unhappy, or worse, somehow offended or delayed by the show. You must be sure entertainment can provide for your event.
“Can you tell me CLEARLY AND SPECIALLY, what benefits do you provide for my event?” Many artists are more interested in looking good than in meeting your unique needs. As I mentioned before, make sure the entertainer is clear about how they can help meet your specific needs.

Use Your Creativity

As with every other aspect of planning your event, don’t be afraid to be creative and think “out of the box”. Don’t assume that certain types of entertainment are “only for children”. (That’s one of the biggest misconceptions I’ve encountered about magic, here in the Midwestern United States.) Or that they won’t work in certain situations. Often the most obscure types of entertainment can be a unique touch that will bring a touch of freshness and appeal to your event.

The main thing is, don’t automatically override something because you think it “won’t work”. Look at various options and ask for input from other creative or knowledgeable individuals. Above all, have fun planning your holiday party entertainment, and you are sure to make a party fun and memorable for you and all your guests.