Modern Age & the Need For Entertainment

Why do we need entertainment? There are many factors that determine the need for entertainment. The first and foremost factor is ‘relaxed’. You may feel annoyed, bored, annoyed, or just need laughter. For this, you need entertainment. The second reason is ‘feeling happy’. In this case, you can go out to film, celebrate, and eat out. The third reason is ‘lonely’. In this case, you are dating a friend, or dating, or chatting. One more factor is ‘killing time’.

In an age of this busy schedule, where work pressure has become almost irresistible, the importance of entertainment has multiplied. Children after school and their homework need something to refresh their minds. For this they enjoy sports, light reading or many recreational activities available to them. People who work after busy working in the office go for movies, drinks, theater shows and more. Home wives go shopping, shopping malls, etc., etc.

So, in short, everyone needs entertainment in one form or another. In the way of older time entertainment is very little. Theaters, live shows, sporting events are some of the several entertainment options available. But now with the advent of so many technological advancements, the choice for entertainment has multiplied many times. Now you can choose entertainment from cinema, theater, dance, music, sports, entertainment venues, television, and much more.

Entertainment can be passive or active. Examples of passive entertainment watching movies, theater shows and examples of active entertainment are sports activities. Reading books, playing musical instruments are under the title of a hobby.

In our modern times, free time, time to enjoy, time for ourselves … is very limited. Everyone wants to enjoy as much as they can in this limited time. This need is also recognized by the entertainment industry. The entertainment industry now produces entertainment, which is short in duration but very intensive. Short films, live shows, live theater performances, dance performances are a few examples.

For some people, entertainment is addictive. They cannot live without entertainment. For them, entertainment is not passive. TV shows, films, radio, theater, prints or sports are not just recreational activities but also saviors for them.

Entertainment plays an important role in the lives of children. Without entertainment, children tend to be frustrated and boring. Entertainment & Entertainment plays an important role in raising children. This helps a child develop his motorbike and mental skills and will help him learn new things. Entertainment and entertainment also provide opportunities for parents to take a break from their environment when they are busy with their entertainment. Entertainment for children is not specific. Every child is entertained in a different way. The main channels are: Sports Activities, Television, Film, Wild Life.