Entertainment – 10 Positive Moral & Social Impacts of a Clean Entertainment

Our individuals, families and communities need to spend more time as a family that participates in healthy activities rather than participating in and seeing the immoral and inappropriate entertainment that we are daily bombarded by. How one can oppose or refute the fact that TV programs, films, video games, and other forms of entertainment are filled with immorality, violence, foul language, graphic images, and pornography. In addition, playing too much video games, watching TV, going to the movies, listening to our iPod, or wasting time on the internet certainly does not help improve communication and social skills (not to mention intellectual skills).

Likewise, how can someone disagree with the fact that spending time as a family – yes, even if it only plays games – has tremendous positive consequences that most of the world’s entertainment does not provide? Because this is true, it should give more meaning to the moral and social consequences of playing games as a family – or participating in clean and healthy entertainment – can have not only for us individually and as a family, but for our entire community.

Below are 10 moral and social impacts that the game can play. As you will notice, there are also extraordinary intellectual, mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual benefits as well (not to mention the increase in communication skills produced). The reality is that these same principles apply to all clean and healthy entertainment; but for our purposes and objectives, we will focus on how playing games actually has a very positive moral and social impact:

Moral Impact:

1) The negative moral impact of the media and entertainment of our society: Although I acknowledge that there are positive things that come from the media and entertainment of our society, I also do not know about the fact that most are very sexual, violent, materialistic, friendly, and pornography. The effects of this daily bombardment are evident everywhere, indicated by ever increasing disrespect, laziness, obesity, lust, selfishness, and laziness that afflict our society and reduce our potential. Again, this is not so much about playing games or even participating in such clean entertainment about ensuring that our individuals, families, and communities develop the attributes and characters needed for personal happiness, family success, and community development.

2) Marriage and families are divided: I hope that is not true, but unfortunately for all of us – sex, immorality and immodesty are sold. Because some greedy individuals and companies benefit from this rotten material, a realistic and sad result is that – thoughts are broken, commitment and responsibility are discarded, selfishness and satisfaction while becoming more important than self-control, sin and evil are done, addiction is developed, families are divided, marriage is over, and slowly the basic values ​​of our society have been destroyed. Keeping your mind clean, turning away from temptation, or completely avoiding pornography becomes increasingly difficult given the fact that – most films, TV shows, songs, magazines, advertisements, and websites are immoral, immodest, sexual, and pornographic in nature. We are bombarded every day … and thus fight every day. This is a battle to keep our thoughts, actions, habits, and characters clean and pure and pure. Again – it’s not about playing games – it’s about keeping commitment, being loyal to your spouse and children, and ensuring that your marriage and family are not scattered.

3) Winning and Losing – and the importance of dealing appropriately with both: Let’s face it, each of us will experience many failures and successes throughout life. This is one thing to lose video games in solitude, it is another thing that must be defeated in the game with friends or family watching. But learning how to be a humble and pleasant winner, as well as good exercise and not a loser who is sick will translate correctly into other successes and inevitable life failures.

4) To learn how to follow rules, not cheat, try to achieve goals, and face challenges: If someone cannot follow the rules of the game, will they follow the rules of life? Maybe it’s a stretch, but it’s important to consider. If someone can learn important lessons from not cheating on the game, will that translate into lessons, work habits, and their relationships? Many games also have a ‘mission’ or purpose, and often a player must implement a strategy or develop an action plan or goal to achieve that ‘mission’. Not a bad lesson to learn, in my opinion! And each game must have challenges, set backs, uncontrolled twists and turns – learn how not only to adjust, but handle them carefully and precisely of course are attributes that can be translated into other areas of life!

5) Avoid the consequences that result from selfish, abusive and lustful entertainment: Perhaps the biggest problem with most of our society’s entertainment is the fact that it really satisfies itself. How often business starts, films are made, and shows are done to simply fill time, collect money, and satisfy selfish desires and desires. Temporary satisfaction, immediate satisfaction, and integrity and discarded commitment unfortunately replace joy, confidence, health, savings, conscience, and happiness that can be given good, pleasant, and clean entertainment. Usually the only results of such selfish and lustful entertainment are shame, shame, guilt, wasted time, lost money, avoidable responsibilities, neglected commitments, and even potential legal consequences that seemingly inevitably become a companion to such forms of entertainment that.

Social Impact:

6) To have fun and participate in fun, social and healthy entertainment: Perhaps most importantly, playing games is just fun! These are recreation, entertainment, and pleasure – but in a positive, constructive, interacting and learning environment. Not only can you develop self-esteem, develop skills or talents, be proud of achievements, or just develop the ability to interact and work with others – they also have fun! There is something to be said about simple and positive psychological benefits that will definitely occur when children, adolescents, adults, groups, and families spend more time playing games together and less time in front of electronic foreign exchange which comparatively cannot produce the same thing . positive benefits!

7) Developing the ability to communicate and interact with others: How unfortunate that more and more of our teens today cannot talk to adults, see them in the eyes, or even show respect for them. Is this due to the fact that many of our youth spend a lot of their time watching in front of computers, or playing video games, etc. I’m sure there are some correlations. Turning off TV and computers and playing games (not video games) allows and sometimes forces someone to interact with, talk to, and engage with other people. Yes, you only play simple games – but hopefully important skills and attributes are being developed in the process.

8) Ability to work with other people in a team environment: In correlation with the above points, playing games allows (forces) an individual to work with, interact with, and play as a team. Again – it’s just a silly game really – but welcome to the real world from the absolute necessity of working and connecting with others. Ranging from group school projects, to participation in athletic communities, to the final workforce – learning to work and connect with others, and being part of a ‘team’ is an important skill to be developed for the reality of life!

9) The importance of education, use, and stretching our minds: In my opinion, it takes very little (if any) effort to watch movies, surf the web, or play video games. Why middle schools, colleges, and final jobs are so difficult … because a child has not developed the ability to use their minds in creative and disciplined ways. Playing games is not only fun, but also requires us to be creative, think quickly before our eyes, pull out information and facts we have learned, face challenges, etc. The game forces our minds to be active, not silent! The game requires social interaction, not introverted self-elimination. The game uses and requires a portion of the brain that enhances other aspects of life.

10) Learn from others: One of the most favorite things I have to do when playing games is just watching other players. How they think, how they act, how they deal with victory or defeat, how they interact with others, etc. When one individual steps away from the TV and computer (and endless negative influences) and starts interacting with and observing others, they will soon find that they can be positively influenced (or even learn from bad examples) by observing and implementing actions and other people’s attributes.

In conclusion, it is important to note that there are many forms of entertainment that are healthy, clean and uplifting; however, it is clear that most films, TV shows, advertisements, advertisements, websites, and even songs symbolize the immoral and negative effects of the entertainment of our society discussed in this article. Because of this daily bombardment, it’s not enough to just play games and participate in clean and healthy entertainment because immoral entertainment always seems to bombard us – whether we look for it or not. Each of us must make a determination to turn off the TV more, turn off the internet more, put more magazines, etc. And ensure that the negative influence of the media and entertainment of our society does not destroy who and what is most important in life. – our family!