Hiring an Entertainer For Your Child’s Birthday Party

Date set. Invitations must come out in the next few days. Themes have been decided and decorations are waiting for you at the party supply store … Oh yeah, why don’t we have entertainers for kids this year.

Signal the braking sound … now.

If you are at this point in the process, pickin will be slim in the entertainer department. You must support a planning truck for about four weeks to ensure that you have time to find and order quality entertainment. Yes, it is possible to find quality entertainers at the last minute – but don’t expect them to be there just waiting for a phone call. A good entertainer will begin to seriously book an event for a birthday about six weeks in advance. Four weeks is still a pretty safe bet, but beyond that the date becomes tight.

Most people want to have a party on Saturdays around noon. Well, an entertainer only has about eight places to be dreamed of in a particular month. Once taken, you go to the afternoon / early evening or maybe Sunday (which is getting more popular now). So Rule # 1: Plan ahead for at least one month.

As I mentioned before, you can still get a good entertainer at the last minute, but you must be more flexible with the time or date of the party. For example, if possible, think about a midweek party. This time is usually more available, and some entertainers will even give a small discount to fill in unproductive dates.

After you find a list of potential entertainers. So what? How do you decide which one to invite to your home?

Rule # 2: Do your research. First, visit the company website if one is registered. A good website must give you a fair idea about what this player is doing. Keep in mind that the coolest websites don’t always belong to the best players. However, a good site at least tells you that this person is serious about his business. Be sure to read all the testimonials, and look for names that you might recognize. If there is a video, check it too. Look for kids to laugh in the video. Don’t worry too much about the show. Most types of living rooms look rather slow or even crowded when viewed on video. If children laugh, it’s a clear indication that this is a good children’s entertainer.

You might also ask friends about an entertainer? Have they ever heard of him? If so, what did they hear? Everything should be positive. Of course, you will want to call the entertainer and find out what you can expect if he entertains your child. Think of this as an interview for work, and you are an employer. Here are some questions that you might ask.

Are you a full time entertainer? (A part-time entertainer may be fine, but someone who earns a living from entertainment will have more experience and may be more reliable because this is a business.)

What are you doing? (This is a general question. Don’t expect blow-by-blow explanations, but listen to what is said and how the word. Descriptions should attract your attention. Remember, this person will most likely talk to or with your child and other guests for a long time. )

How long have you been doing this? (That’s what matters. The longer someone does a job, the better the person does it. There’s nothing clearer than as an entertainer.)

Are you insured? (An accident happened. You don’t want to be on the hook for a glass of purple water entertained by your entertainer on your new white carpet.)

Do you have a reference? (They may already have testimonials listed on their website. But if you can get the latest references to really talk to, that’s a plus. This might not be available – do you want to be the person who gets future calls from people ?)

In addition to these questions, note how many questions your prospective entertainer presents. Expect to be asked about the location of the party, date, time, age of the children and what you expect. A good entertainer will want to know what environment he is facing. He has planned the event with every question. Conversely, if you turn off the phone and realize that you are doing most of the talking – well, go back to your list and try another number.

Rule # 3: Determine what type of entertainer matches the theme. There are a number of themes depending on the age of the children. Your choice at this point depends on the interest of the birthday child. Dora the Explorer, Blues Clues, spys, magic, princess … the list continues. After this is decided, you might go to the internet and just search for a few keywords for your area regarding the theme you choose. For example, if you choose Harry Potter as a theme, and you live in Milwaukee, you might go to the internet and look for Milwaukee birthday wizards. That will bring up a page with several choices. This might not be as clear as a specific theme like Blues Clues, but you might find a list of costumed characters who can visit your home.

Some may still want to let their fingers run and find someone who advertises on the Yellow page. Keep in mind that smarter entertainers run away from large yellow pages. The advertisements are expensive and most of their performance finds the internet as a better choice. So your choice will be limited to the actual printed book.

If you follow all these tips, there is still no guarantee that you will get the best entertainer. You will do your due diligence. There isn’t much to do. Be sure to talk directly with the entertainer who will come to your house. Sometimes, agencies will appear first on internet searches. This agency might look like you are in your city, but in reality it might be on the other side of the country or in another country altogether. In many cases, this ‘agency’ knows no entertainer and only wants to put a warm body in the show. Watch Out. If you cannot speak directly to the entertainer – that is a sign to continue, because you do not know who might appear at your door on the appointed day. You are the judge.

Holiday Party Entertainment – How to Use Entertainment to Make Your Party a Smashing Success!

If you are planning a holiday party this year, some types of entertainment can be a great addition as part of the celebration. Even more than location, decoration, and other elements, the right entertainment can set the tone for your event and give your guests a unique, impressive and truly enjoyable experience that they can carry over the next few days. Appropriate entertainment can add atmosphere and class, humor and pleasure, or inspiration and encouragement to tone your program.

What Type of Entertainment?

The most important question is, what needs do you want to be filled with entertainment? Will this be the main program at night, one of several highlights, or is it just another background?

If entertainment will be the main event at night, you might want to have some kind of player features such as various kinds of actions; a magician, comedian, magician, singer, performance band, etc., and you might want entertainment to take place somewhere between thirty minutes to an hour or more.

If entertainment is only one part of a longer program or of some excellent activity, the same type of player may still be appropriate, but you may want the duration of the show to be shorter, somewhere between twelve and twenty-five minutes.

And if entertainment is just a party background, you might want some sort of ongoing low key entertainment, such as dance music, walking with close-range magic, walking around musicians, or small orchestras, depending on your budget.

And of course depending on the schedule and time period, you can decide to use a combination of more than one of the choices above.

Whatever the case, make sure you are clear about the specific needs that you expect to be filled with entertainment, and just choose the right one.

Finding the Right Comforter …

After you determine the specific needs of your event, it will help you choose the right type of entertainment. You want to find entertainers who can tell you specifically what benefits they can offer for your event, and how these benefits meet your unique needs. If an entertainer cannot communicate clearly and directly how he can meet those needs, they may not have your needs at all. Make sure you are really clear about the specifics of what the entertainer will provide, and that is explained in a written agreement.

You can find various entertainers on yellow pages or on the Internet. Don’t assume that the person with the biggest ad will be the best. Like other service professionals, make sure they have good experience and references. Every quality entertainer must be able to provide you with a credit background, testimonials, and a reference letter from a previous client.

And don’t make the mistake of letting prices be the only determining factor. It is important that entertainment not only provides a pleasant and pleasant life experience, but also that no of your guests are delayed or offended in any way. If your audience is conservative, or a family group, make sure that the entertainment material is right. Comedians and other players who are accustomed to working in adult nightclubs can sometimes have very different ideas about what is “clean” than what you might have. So, make sure you are clear and specific about your needs.

Some Important Tips

Whoever you employ, you want to make sure you get the best value for the money you spend on entertainment. Here are some useful tips to help you determine whether an entertainer can come for you to give your guests the best experience.

Be sure to ask these important questions …

“Are you a professional entertainer TIME?” Although there are exceptions, in many cases if an entertainer does not have full time, that may mean he is not experienced enough, does not have good enough performances, or is not professional enough and is reliable enough to support a full-time career.
“Can you provide references from previous clients?” As I mentioned, every player who deserves salt must be happy to give you letters and testimonials from satisfied and happy customers. If he can’t, you might want to proceed carefully!
“Do you offer a money back guarantee?” If an entertainer does not guarantee his job, there might be a reason he is not ready to do it! Even paying a much lower price is still a waste of money if your guest is unhappy, or worse, somehow offended or delayed by the show. You must be sure entertainment can provide for your event.
“Can you tell me CLEARLY AND SPECIALLY, what benefits do you provide for my event?” Many artists are more interested in looking good than in meeting your unique needs. As I mentioned before, make sure the entertainer is clear about how they can help meet your specific needs.

Use Your Creativity

As with every other aspect of planning your event, don’t be afraid to be creative and think “out of the box”. Don’t assume that certain types of entertainment are “only for children”. (That’s one of the biggest misconceptions I’ve encountered about magic, here in the Midwestern United States.) Or that they won’t work in certain situations. Often the most obscure types of entertainment can be a unique touch that will bring a touch of freshness and appeal to your event.

The main thing is, don’t automatically override something because you think it “won’t work”. Look at various options and ask for input from other creative or knowledgeable individuals. Above all, have fun planning your holiday party entertainment, and you are sure to make a party fun and memorable for you and all your guests.

The Seven Keys To Finding The Perfect Entertainment For Your Christmas Party

As we approach the holiday season, many of us will plan Christmas parties and holiday celebrations. Finding the right entertainment for these events is a big job. Do it right and you are a hero! Get it wrong and your guests must suffer through a boring program. There is no pressure, huh?

Do not worry! As a professional speaker and entertainer, I have worked with some of the best event planners in the industry and have learned from them all. Follow this guide to help you through the decision making process and guarantee that you have a very successful event.

  1. Planning

One of the first steps when planning an event is to decide on as many specific details as possible. This detail must include the date, time, location, number of guests invited, etc. Most entertainers and speakers will ask these questions to get an idea of ​​what you are planning so they can adjust their performance to suit your event.

  1. Type of Program

The type of program you plan will also determine what type of program needs to be considered. If you are planning a Christmas party, you will definitely be looking for a different type of program than if you plan your child’s birthday party. You have to consider who your guests are and what they will find entertaining.

Remember this: your entertainer represents you at the party. Therefore, you have a good chance to show off without lifting a finger! The person you choose must be professional and have experience that gives you trust in them. You will know about the level of experience of entertainers or speakers with their resumes, testimonials, references, and letters of recommendation.

  1. Choosing the Right Program

All entertainers and professional speakers who are smart and business minded have a website. A well-designed website allows your future entertainers to list their specialties, describe exactly what they do and how they do it, and post video clips, photos, letters of recommendation, etc. A good website is the main brochure for entertainers to inform prospective clients about who they are.

You should be able to see enough from the entertainer’s website to get a very good idea whether he will be able to do the work for you or not. Be sure to evaluate whether the entertainer you are considering specializes in entertaining groups like yours.

  1. Initial Contact

There are several ways to contact your prospective entertainer or speaker. The easiest is to just pick up the phone and contact the comfort office. Contacting potential entertainers with phone calls is the best way to get to know them. By really talking to your comforter, you can learn things that you might not be able to tell through other contact methods. Conversations allow you to hear someone’s voice and allow you to get an impression of how worthy this person is for your event. Telephone conversations also allow your entertainer to ask specific questions that need to be answered to quote fees, check availability, and ensure that they are suitable for your event.

Another option is to send an email entertainer. Email is the best way to make first contact with your prospective entertainer. If you choose to make contact via email, try giving as much detail as possible about the event. Include your telephone number and the window of time when you will be available to speak so that the entertainer can contact you again and ask additional questions he may have.

Another way to connect with your entertainer is to fill out the web form on the website. The web form will have specific fields such as name, telephone number, your address, type of function, place address, estimated number of guests expected, etc. Web forms are often the preferred contact method via email because they are designed to provide entertainers with specific information needed to quote fees, check availability, etc.

Shopping Prices? Everyone has a budget. The general rule is this: Don’t go at the lowest price. Going at the lowest price is probably the beginning of disappointment. In the area of ​​entertainment and talking remember the old adage “You get what you pay for.”

  1. Contracts, Confirmation Calls and Letters

After all the details have been decided, you must expect to receive a contract from your entertainer or speaker. This is not something that needs to be emphasized. This is a normal operating procedure for any professional entertainer or speaker. In fact, if you don’t get a contract, you have to start asking questions.

The contract basically details all agreed details when discussing your event. You must take the time to review all the details, including the type of program, start and end time, place address, price, etc. A performance agreement must make you feel comfortable because you now know that your entertainer has all the right details and can prepare to provide a dynamic and appropriate program.

  1. Event Day

As far as the program goes, you should have discussed with your entertainer now who will answer any and all questions that you may have. This must be clear, because the details agreed upon in the contract, what time your entertainer will arrive, when and where they will arrange, and when the program will begin. Make sure that you or the main contact person of the event is carrying a cellphone if your entertainer has a last-minute problem and needs to contact you.

  1. Last Minute Details and Show Time!

You have researched and selected the best program for your event. At this point, there should be nothing you need to worry about. Kick back, relax and enjoy!

How to Choose the Best Birthday Entertainment For Your Child’s Birthday Party

One sure way to hold an unforgettable birthday party for your child is to hire professional birthday entertainment. It’s not easy to make a group of children happy and entertained alone. By leaving party entertainment for professional birthday entertainers, you can focus on party logistics while ensuring that the event is successful and fun for children.

Choosing a Birthday Entertainer that is Suitable for Age Groups

A perfect party entertainer for children 1-3 years old will not be suitable for parties aged 9-12 years. Base what birthday entertainment decisions you get on the age group of children attending the party. Children between 1-3 years old need simple entertainment that is easy to digest. Children in this age group have a very short attention span so they cannot focus on any long appearance. The perfect entertainment party for this age group is someone who wears Barney clothes or other popular characters to give balloons and dance with children.

Some people mistakenly choose clowns as birthday entertainment at parties for 1-3 year olds, realizing that is a big mistake after the clown scares all the children present. Many children and even some adults fear clowns for their dramatic makeup and weird costumes. It’s not a good idea to hire a clown as a birthday entertainer for parties that serve very young children unless your goal is to make them cry.

Children from the age of 4-8 enjoy very interactive birthday entertainment that involves lots of movements, jokes, and activities. It’s easier to hire birthday entertainers for this age group because children are open to a variety of different entertainment styles. Witches, magicians, and masterminds are birthday entertainment that is suitable for this age group. Children in this age group look amazed and amazed when they see a magician doing an interesting trick. On the other hand, smaller children are too little to understand what is happening while older children just want to know the secret behind the trick.

A talented juggler can make an excellent birthday entertainer for a 4-8 year age group because he can juggle a variety of colorful items in varying amounts to display visually interesting shows. A puppeteer is also a great party entertainer for birthdays that serves this age group because he uses colorful dolls that attract children’s attention and tells funny jokes that make them laugh. Even adult party guests can still be entertained with a puppeteer by interacting with dolls and becoming part of a skit.

When choosing birthday entertainment for children in the 9-12 year age group, different rules apply. Children of this age try very hard to be “cool” and think that entertainers like masterminds, magicians, and ordinary magicians. To attract children from this age group, it is important to hire a birthday entertainer who follows the latest trends. DJs that are in harmony with pop music that children of this age enjoy are good choices for birthday entertainment. Choose a DJ who has experience interacting with children and knows how to serve simultaneously as a host for a party.

In conclusion, choose a birthday entertainer based on the age of your child and friends to find someone who is right. If you consider these points, you will surely find a party entertainer who will make your child’s birthday party memorable and enjoyable for everyone present.